There are 2 main Sydney events for the Living Incomes For Everyone Week of Action. Follow the links to the Facebook events.

Friday 18 September 2020 8:30 AM – 10 AM
No Turning Back, Keep the Rate!
23 Kingsway, Cronulla
We want to stop the Government from cutting JobSeeker and JobKeeper. $1100 a week is a minimum income. We will be making our presence felt, and our demands heard, in various covid safe ways (please wear a mask!), around the PM’s electorate office,with the Tomorrow Movement. We demand Keep the rate! No-one Left behind! End Harassment! For Social Security with Dignity. Secure Homes for Everyone! #NoExcuseForPoverty.

Tuesday 22 September 2020 12 PM – 2 PM
Stop Demonising People In Need! Protest against Cashless Welfare, JSPs, Cuts…
Chatswood railway station
We will be making our demands heard, outside Indue and around Chatswood, setting off from Memorial Park, near Chatswood station to Services Australia (Centrelink) at 56-64 Archer Street. where we will be in solidarity with the CPSU (PSU Group), the union representing Centrelink workers. W will proceed onto to Indue he national cashless welfare card contractor, at 821 Pacific Highway. Our final stop is MAX Employment, a contractor to the government’s job network. We demand Keep the rate! No-one Left behind! End Harassment! For Social Security with Dignity. Secure Homes for Everyone! Read more about Indue here – Be covid safe (please wear a mask, and follow the marshall!), #NoExcuseForPoverty

Our solidarity with the CPSU (PSU Group) is for their Proud to be Public campaign. The CPSU wants
· to restore the APS pay rises in the budget
· more permanent jobs.

The CPSU says “Now more than ever, Australians need a strong and properly resourced public service.We need a community rebuilt around secure jobs, low carbon economic growth and stronger public and community services. COVID-19, and before that the bushfires, have shown the critical role of public services, from Services Australia and the ATO administering payments and support to CSIRO working around the clock to find a vaccine. From NDIA supporting people with disability, to BoM and the ABC ensuring communities have the information they need in a crisis. However, we know the Coalition Government is continuing to pursue an agenda of budget cuts and staffing caps. Right now we have an opportunity – community support for the public service is at an all time high and we are at a critical point as a nation in how we rebuild from crisis. We are proud to be public, and we know that together we can build the community and political support necessary to win a stronger public service with good, secure jobs.”

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