As a campaign for living incomes, we need to address the issue of work, as it is the major source of income for the majority of people. We decided to demand decent work, rather than jobs.

We place the need and interests of the working population and the environment at the centre. We reject claims that job creation justifies poor working conditions; environmental destruction; and handouts to private enterprise. We demand that paid work is organised to meet our needs, on union conditions, and is shared amongst all who are able to work, rather than organised so that we make profits for our employers. After much discussion amongst our endorsing groups, in November 2020 the LIFE campaign endorsed the following demands on work,.

5. Well paid, socially useful, sustainable work that mitigates climate change
· Public funding of meaningful, useful and secure work, driving a democratic and equitable just transition to solve the employment, climate, public health crises.
· Local production (with significant public ownership) for local needs, decided democratically according to local priorities, including First Nations rights.
· Public ownership of industries that are essential to reducing emissions.
· Trade union rights and conditions for all, including all migrant workers, and a 4 day working week with no loss of pay.

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