If you want to demand a minimum $550 a week / $80 a day income support, stop the return to struggling on $40 a day for people out of work, and end the harassment of people on income support, then read on.

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LIFE is joining with the AUWU and GetUP and other supporters, planning the Break The Poverty Machine week of action in March ahead of cutting back JobSeeker to $44 a day from March 31. We will be targeting the government, corporations with government contracts, and employers who pay poverty-level wages. The government contracts out the system of mutual obligation and suspension of payments to Job Network providers, and the Cashless Welfare Debit Card to the financial institution Indue (at a cost of $10,000 a year per recipient).

Our actions will be on every day of the week from 15 March. Everyone can join in, either online, making phone calls, attending protest rallies. You can strengthen our power to Break the Poverty Machine, by proposing that your workplace, union, or community group endorses and agrees to encourage members to take part in the Week of Action.

Even better, you can plan local activities and let us know so we can add them to the programme for the week. Here is the early plan which we will be adding to.

Monday 15 March. Online protest day – targeting the corporate contractors that enforce the Poverty Machine. More details…

Tuesday 16 March. Pester the pollies in Canberra. A rally, lobbying and meetings, plus phone calls and emails to politicians if you can’t be in Canberra.

Wednesday 17 – Thursday 18 March – physical protests at corporate offices and JobNetwork providers.

Friday 19 March – targeting employers paying poverty wages.

Contact us at livingincomes@gmail.com if you want to be involved.

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  1. Raymond says:

    My name is Ry I am 65 and stuck on the dole.My payment runs out the day before I turn 66 I have applied for an old age pension If my application is rejected ,then I will not have any money ,so I will DIE!!

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