Read about the week of action for Living Incomes for Everyone. We are aiming for peaceful actions everywhere that make life uncomfortable for politicians, private and other service providers, and associated organisations.

Two Big Days Out
18 September 2020. All endorsing organisations to act in solidarity with Tomorrow Movement “No Turning Back”.
24 September 2020. Poverty Day of Action initiated by the Australian Unemployed Workers Union and the last day of JobSeeker and other payments at the current rates.

LIFE endorsing organisations will join with both of these big days out.

What you can do
* Share your plans and actions leading up to and during the week of action, at the LIFE Campaign Facebook page. Make the whole thing local and national at the same time.
* Find ways to express and act in solidarity with First Nations organisations in your locality / region.
* Promote LIFE and our actions widely to your organisation’s members and contacts via emails and on social media. 
* Post your organisations’ statements of support and your planned activities on your Facebook and other social media pages.

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