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The LIFE campaign is excited to announce a significant union endorsement. The Community and Public Sector Union (PSU Group) organises workers in the Commonwealth public sector, including Centrelink and Services Australia.

The CPSU (PSU Group) supports all of the LIFE Campaign demands and the third demand is particularly of mutual interest to people on income support and CPSU members. Under the broad demand to End Harassment! For Social Security with Dignity, LIFE calls for No return to Robodebt, and Public ownership and control of Social Security and Employment Services.

The CPSU (PSU Group) will be supporting the 18-24 September Week of Action at a regional level, and has provided CPSU (PSU Group) officer contact names to co-ordinate with LIFE and our other endorsing organisations.

The CPSU have asked that if actions are planned at Services Australia / Centrelink offices we let them know in advance so that delegates and members working at the site can get a heads up, and that we focus our legitimate criticisms on government policy, not on the people doing the work.

Alistair Waters, the National President, explained the following in the union’s endorsement. “CPSU has a long standing and proud record of supporting progressive policy outcomes for community members supported by Services Australia. In the interests of our members, we already work with a significant range of organisations in this space. We see our endorsement of the LIFE Campaign as adding to this important work for the community and for our members.”

CPSU representatives are also attending weekly national planning meetings for the LIFE Campaign.

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